Synthetic urine – Can it help you get a job?

By now, almost everyone has heard about synthetic urine and its many uses. However, very few actually know what synthetic urine is and how it’s made. Synthetic urine is, basically, an artificial liquid, which is created with a combination of water and a host of other inorganic and organic components, such as urea, chloride, phosphates, creatinine, sulfates, etc., This artificial product is mainly used for various laboratory and scientific applications. However, in recent times, people have started using it for a wide array of different applications and purposes.

The perfect replacement

The main purpose of a synthetic urine is to almost perfectly simulate all the chemical and physical properties of real human urine. However, it also comes with a host of other benefits and advantages, for example, a complete absence of any kind of hazardous or waste materials.

How effective is it?

hdhd84Many people wonder whether synthetic urine works. The short answer is – yes. A vast majority of laboratories in the US do not perform genetic tests on urine specimens; instead, they just check whether it has been adulterated or diluted, or whether it contains any toxins or drugs. Therefore, as you can see, you can use synthetic pee for employment, or basically any other purpose, where urine tests are required.

Synthetic urine can also be used in a number of other situations:

Education purposes

To help them with their studies, medical students can use artificial urine, so as to train to perform urinalysis, as well as a number of various clinical experiments.

Scientific pursuits

Pure artificial urine can help scientists conduct various studies and research, without having to use real urine, which can usually contain various irregularities and impurities.

Diapers testing

Many diapers manufacturers prefer to use synthetic urine, in order to manufacture their latest diaper models. They also use it to test the materials used for making the diapers and their safety properties.

The testing of carpet cleaning agents

This is probably something many people are unaware of, but the method of using artificial urine is quite popular with marketers and salesmen. They are known to use it, for the purposes of demonstrating the effectiveness of their cleaning products. These products mainly include cleaning agents for carpets and furniture.

Equipment testing and calibration

One of the main purposes of using synthetic urine is to help calibrate and test various kinds of testing equipment. Scientists and medical workers cannot use real human urine because its composition can greatly vary and can lead to highly inaccurate testing results.

Employment drug tests

hdhd84This is definitely the most popular use of synthetic urine in the country, as well as in the world, at the moment. It is no secret that many people use it, in order to pass drug tests, which are usually required for employment applications, as well as other purposes. It is used to, basically, replace the real urine because it does not contain any traces or evidence or recent drug use. In a vast majority of drug tests, an artificial urine will provide a 100% negative result.

Regardless of the testing equipment used, or the skill and experience of the laboratory staff, it is very difficult, almost impossible, to differentiate real urine from a synthetic one. Therefore, if you are desperately seeking a job position, but are afraid that your urine test will turn positive, due to various health conditions or use of drugs, both legal and illegal, an artificial urine can be your solution. It will have the exact appearance and composition as your natural urine, and it will perfectly imitate it.