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Synthetic urine – Can it help you get a job?

Synthetic urine – Can it help you get a job?

By now, almost everyone has heard about synthetic urine and its many uses. However, very few actually know what synthetic urine is and how it’s made. Synthetic urine is, basically, an artificial liquid, which is created with a combination of water and a host of other inorganic and organic components, such as urea, chloride, phosphates, creatinine, sulfates, etc., This artificial product is mainly used for various laboratory and scientific applications. However, in recent times, people have started using it for a wide array of different applications and purposes.

The perfect replacement

The main purpose of a synthetic urine is to almost perfectly simulate all the chemical and physical properties of real human urine. However, it also comes with a host of other benefits and advantages, for example, a complete absence of any kind of hazardous or waste materials.

How effective is it?

hdhd84Many people wonder whether synthetic urine works. The short answer is – yes. A vast majority of laboratories in the US do not perform genetic tests on urine specimens; instead, they just check whether it has been adulterated or diluted, or whether it contains any toxins or drugs. Therefore, as you can see, you can use synthetic pee for employment, or basically any other purpose, where urine tests are required.

Synthetic urine can also be used in a number of other situations:

Education purposes

To help them with their studies, medical students can use artificial urine, so as to train to perform urinalysis, as well as a number of various clinical experiments.

Scientific pursuits

Pure artificial urine can help scientists conduct various studies and research, without having to use real urine, which can usually contain various irregularities and impurities.

Diapers testing

Many diapers manufacturers prefer to use synthetic urine, in order to manufacture their latest diaper models. They also use it to test the materials used for making the diapers and their safety properties.

The testing of carpet cleaning agents

This is probably something many people are unaware of, but the method of using artificial urine is quite popular with marketers and salesmen. They are known to use it, for the purposes of demonstrating the effectiveness of their cleaning products. These products mainly include cleaning agents for carpets and furniture.

Equipment testing and calibration

One of the main purposes of using synthetic urine is to help calibrate and test various kinds of testing equipment. Scientists and medical workers cannot use real human urine because its composition can greatly vary and can lead to highly inaccurate testing results.

Employment drug tests

hdhd84This is definitely the most popular use of synthetic urine in the country, as well as in the world, at the moment. It is no secret that many people use it, in order to pass drug tests, which are usually required for employment applications, as well as other purposes. It is used to, basically, replace the real urine because it does not contain any traces or evidence or recent drug use. In a vast majority of drug tests, an artificial urine will provide a 100% negative result.

Regardless of the testing equipment used, or the skill and experience of the laboratory staff, it is very difficult, almost impossible, to differentiate real urine from a synthetic one. Therefore, if you are desperately seeking a job position, but are afraid that your urine test will turn positive, due to various health conditions or use of drugs, both legal and illegal, an artificial urine can be your solution. It will have the exact appearance and composition as your natural urine, and it will perfectly imitate it.

Gift Ideas For The New Year

Gift Ideas For The New Year

It is a season to start thinking about creative new year gift ideas for the important lady in your life, and regardless of age, several thoughtful gifts will delight that special someone this holiday season.

Perfect gift ideas to buy

A piece of jewelrydfgfhgjhgdfgsfdgfjfgfgfdfgfgfgffdgfg

An ever popular new year gift idea is to give her a beautiful piece of jewelry. Your wife will appreciate a new ring or enhancer for her wedding band and if you’re not married, perhaps a great necklace or even a tennis bracelet. This may not be the most creative gift to give for a new year, but she’ll love getting a great piece of jewelry as a gift.

A bubble bath set including bubble bath

After a taxing day at work or with the kids, there is nothing more relaxing than soaking in a hot bath before bedtime. Your wife, girlfriend, daughter or mother can treat herself to a luxurious soak in a hot tub and can stay in as long as she wants with a comfy head pillow. Sweet-smelling candles will set the mood for complete and utter relaxation, and a tub overflowing with bubbles will surely put her in the right mood to enjoy the rest of the night with not a care in the world. These items can all be purchased for a reasonable price, and if you are not a big fan of crowded stores during the holiday season.


Everyone loves food. Find the food that the person likes most and prepare it. If you do not know how to prepare it or you have no time, you can buy it. Best food ideas include cakes, cookies, fruits or even biscuits. Place the food in a basket and cover elegantly to create an impression.

New smartphone

Since there are so many tech toys available now, you may not know what she loves most, but you cannot go wrong sfghfgdfhfgdgfhgjkhkjlkjhgfgfghwith a new cell phone. If you are eligible for an upgrade on your plan, getting her a new smartphone is going to be a gift she will enjoy for a long time. With all the new features and apps, she’ll be able to customize her phone to make it do anything she wants including GPS navigation and even an appointment calendar.

Finding that special someone in your life, a great new year gift can seem like a real challenge, but it does not have to be that hard.The best new year gift is to give what they like.

Types Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Types Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

While it is not a certain, it is a cold hard fact that the majority of women can become ridiculously excited over a pair of shoes; and why not? Of all the things in life shoes are always a great addition to the wardrobe, can make or break an outfit and can mean the difference between being formal and casual. But there are certain types of shoes, regardless of style that should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe

Shoe types every woman should have in her closet

High heelsdsfdgfhghkhgfhdfgdhjkhjhgfdgdhjkghffdgh

The ubiquitous high heel is a mainstay of many wardrobes ideal for more formal occasions and late night revelry. In turn, they come in their styles, from sling backs and closed backs to open and closed toes. Normally this heel will be slightly higher than the pump at around 4+ inches to provide that extra height.

Low heel pumps

Low heel pumps are suitable for a huge range of different occasions. The heel, not more than 3 inches helps to ensure that these shoes are comfortable for everyday wear and normally the closed toe makes them suitable for formal and informal occasions. Depending on color and style, low heel pumps can be matched with dresses, jeans or even a trouser suit.

Tall boots

Riding boots, knee highs or just shin high boots are an immensely popular choice. They are ideal in the winter when they provide extra protection from the elements and can be bought either as flats or with a heel, making them a highly flexible addition to a footwear collection.

Ankle boots

The lower ankle boot provides all the flexibility of the tall boot and then some. They can be twinned with a range of outfits and regarding styles can range from brogues to pointy suede dressy numbers. Once again the heel height can vary from flat to low pump, even to stiletto height for a more formal, evening wear option.


Slippers should be a mainstay of the collection purely for the comfort of sitting around the house with toasty feet. Slippers could have an open or closed back at the heel, could be fur lined or even a classic pair of moccasins.


Getting your toes out in the summer is a must making sandals vital addition to any collection. Summer sandals can sfgdhjhgfgdddghjkhgfdfghjkhgfdbe strappy gladiator styles or just merely beach thongs but with a huge choice of summery colors and styles they are the ideal choice for barbecues, days at the beach and sunny afternoons in the park.

Naturally your choice of shoes is wholly down to personal preference; however with these foundation pairs in your wardrobe, it should be possible to have the right footwear for any occasion.